Collection: Event

Centrepieces, and much more! Hassle-free ordering for pick-up or delivery.
We've made it easier for you to order our most popular event items hassle-free. All items are designed with May Flowers' loose, textural, organic style using a variety of flowers and ingredients. If you love our style and don't need any customization or on-site installation and are looking for a quick and simple way to order event flowers, this page is for you!

Custom orders
Although we cannot guarantee specific flowers or colors, we welcome inspiration photos and try our best to match the colors/vibe you're going for. Simply email us your inspiration photos and let us know which order to attach it to.

Event orders are available for delivery or pickup. For large orders, or specific timed deliveries, please reach out to us for a custom delivery quote as we generally do not send out a la carte orders with our daily deliveries.

Contact us
We're happy to assist you further! Our shop and office hours are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm. You can email us after hours and we'll be happy to assist you when we're back!