Florist Samo

Florist Samo wants to be with customers in everyday life. We want to share the joy and sorrow with flowers and plants at every moment, from a person's birth, birthday, growing up, going to school, graduation, getting married, and finally to having a funeral.


Jay Cha

โ€œI grew up with flowers while helping my parents who ran a flower shop in Korea for 40 years. I met my wife who loves flowers and now I want to continue my parentsโ€™ business in Toronto.โ€

Florist Samo

Sandra Kim

I want to spend the rest of my life in Toronto with flowers. During the first year I worked as a florist, I learned the beauty of Canada's nature and various flowers and plants, feeling the changes of the four seasons early with flowers. Now, I am broadening my horizons while studying the Floral Design course at Seneca College.โ€œ